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I was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, but I have never owned a horse; can't ride one. I have lived different places and traveled enough to know how little I have seen of the wonder of the world, how much I enjoy the variety, and how often beauty is in the eye of the beholder as much as in the place itself.

I have also traveled through different places in the church. Although I was nurtured in the best of Baptist tradition and have served as a Baptist pastor a long time ago, my theological compass pointed me to course corrections in the wanderings of my pilgrimage. In my years as a graduate student, I was a pastor of Methodist, Baptist, and interdenominational congregations. I now serve with constant gratitude in the Presbyterian Church (USA). I am one of those intentional Presbyterians who loves the whole church in most all its variations.

For seven years after seminary, I did not serve the church. I did not even walk into one. I had real questions about God and life, and church answers did not answer my questions. I worked as a counselor to persons with medical and vocational handicaps - people with a wide range of physical, psychological, and social problems. I learned a lot about the needs of poorer people, the realistic limits of social policy, and the necessity of real help. My “time in the wilderness” forged my faith in refining fires. I went back to school (Go Duke!) and to God with my questions, and I am still asking.

Out of my experience, I firmly believe in the necessity of the church. I presently serve in the strange world of "intentional interim ministry." I am still looking for that different church that wants to be followers in the world before it does anything else - that asks about the future more than it wants to repeat the past. Maybe I'll find it, or they will find me. In the meantime, I really like the new world God and we are creating, and I think that God is fascinated with all the change and possibility that quantum reality and microchips have for the advancement of the rule of Divine Love in human living.

I love my work, but I love to play. I like out of the way places of all kinds - some of them on the far side of mountain ridges. If God were not everywhere, above 10,000 ft would be the divine residence. It is for me. I have a long-standing, serious fascination with photography; my grown children prefer my photographs to my sermons, and so do I. I play enough golf to wish I were good at the game. I pray for snow and love to ski. People who know me think I am very young - well, immature - for my age. I intend to stay that way. My "patron saint" is Peter Pan.

More importantly, I'm a husband and father before I am a preacher. My wife is a musician like I'm a theologian. She's a mezzo who can really sing, a teacher of music in schools, a mother with deep devotions. My grown, adult children call on the mobile phone now and ask some question trivial or serious. I am an assumed part of my twin grand-girls lives. That means more to me than these sermons, but I still hope you get new meaning in reading or listening to them.